EntheoMedicine Events - January 19th

Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 5:30pm

EntheoMedicine Event - Jan 19, 2019
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EntheoMedicine Events proudly presents Allan Badinger and Tricia Eastman as the first line up for 2019!
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ALLAN BADINER | Intersection between Buddhism and Psychedelics

The conversation about psychedelics is relevant and important in our lives right now. That's not to mean that we should all be taking psychedelics necessarily but that they have a role to play in making it possible for us to survive the challenges hurling towards us in terms of an ecological slow-motion collapse, and destruction of the planet's living systems. We are neck deep into the sixth extinction which has been now labeled officially the Anthropocene. We need tools that will allow us to more rapidly and profoundly change consciousness and recognize our inter-being with all life. I believe psychedelics are a part of that mix— an important tool in the toolkit of survival.


TRICIA EASTMAN | Ibogaine: Trauma + EGO

Entheogenic medicines have the ability to temporarily liberate the egoic structure allowing one to see trauma from the observer perspective. By creating a doorway to the subconscious, we open a very hard to reach aspect of patterns that we are able to consciously shift through guided healing and process, as well as other purgative methods induced by the entheogen. This process, without the proper preparation and integration for the new explorer of these methods can be traumatic in itself, as these are sophisticated tools that require education and guidance. Although there are risks, the recent studies on entheogenic for healing PTSD, and other forms of trauma have far surpassed any other single modality to date. Join us for an exploration and understanding of the egoic structure, trauma, and education on best practices for entheogenic healing.

Unity of Santa Barbara

227 E Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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