The Power of PRESENCE

Sat, Feb 16 from 2pm - 4pm

  • 18+
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$32.85 with fees
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Unity of Santa Barbara Proudly Presents a Two-Hour Workshop that
Helps You Overcome Your Fears

The Power of PRESENCE

After this Two-Hour Workshop Attendees Will Be Able to:

  • Handle conflict from a state of Awareness rather than reaction.

  • Enjoy growing fulfillment in all relationships.

  • Transform personal and career uncertainty into powerful possibilities.

  • Initiate PRESENCE without meditation.

In today's world, individual and collective EGO is the chief troublemaker that creates fear, reaction and conflict.

Most people identify with Ego, their false self, that drives them by fear and reaction.

PRESENCE empowers you to rise above Ego to disarm fear and reaction.

With PRESENCE, relationships are deeper, more authentic and far more fulfilling.

About the Speakers:

Michael Russer is an international speaker, TEDx Alum, author and PRESENCE Coach who works with individuals worldwide.  He also is a survivor of two forms of cancer who has discovered how to use PRESENCE in any situation or circumstance for extraordinary life fulfillment.

Jacqueline Lopez is a professional speaker, event organizer, author, CPA, and a native of South America. Her cultural background enables her to share a very empowering feminine perspective with her audiences.

Unity of Santa Barbara

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